What is the best way to get in contact with someone at The Cooperage?

As an event venue, our hours are not the typical 9-5 pm so the best way to reach us is to email us at info@cooperagemke.com.

Can I bring my teenager to a concert?

Unfortunately, no. We are a 21+ concert venue and do not allow those under the age of 21 to the public, ticketed events.

Can I bring outside food and drinks into the Cooperage?

You are welcome to bring in food from the food trucks outside the venue and can bring in drinks purchased at Boone & Crockett. You can not bring in your own food and beverages.

Where can I park and can I leave my car overnight?

We have a shared parking lot, north of the building, that you are welcome to park in. There is also no restrictions on parking on the street. You are welcome to leave your car in our parking lot overnight. Someone is usually back around 10 AM to open the gates.

I’m lost, where is the entrance to the Cooperage?

The Cooperage entrance is located in the parking lot. Walk towards the river and the entrance is within Boone & Crockett’s patio, closest to the river.

Is there a discount for non-profits?

Absolutely!  We offer a discounted hourly room rate for non-profit events. We also have some other incentives to help with costs.

I'm a band and want to play the Cooperage! How do I do that?

Please reach out to booking@cooperagemke.com and our booking agent will get back to you as soon as they can.

Wedding and Private Event Related Questions

How many people can you accommodate for a wedding?

We are able to host up to 175-200 people for a seated dinner within the space. Once you get to 160 guests, there is a specific way to seat the room to reach that full 200 people.  Our “sweet spot” is around 150 guests. We are able to accommodate more than 200 people if you choose to have a cocktail style reception where guests can eat and sit as they want.

Do you have food and beverage minimums?

Yes, our bar minimum is $4,500 and our food minimum is also $4,500. You can mix and match bar packages and anything your guests purchase at the bar (not included in the bar packages) goes towards that minimum.

What are the hours included in the rental?

You have the space from noon until midnight. Starting at noon, the space will be set with tables and linens and you and your vendors can start arriving for decor and set up.  The party really goes until midnight and we do last call around 11:30 pm.  You have until our staff finishes cleaning up (about 12:30 am – 1 am) to remove all your belongings from the space.

Can we bring decor in the day before the wedding and pick it up the next day?

Unfortunately, no.  We almost always have events the day before and the day after, so all items that have been brought in with you for your wedding need to be set up and taken down that same day.

Can you accommodate a band?

Absolutely! We are also a concert venue with a brand new sound system so we love having bands at events. We just require our Sound Tech to be there, which is a $500 fee. The Sound Tech takes care of load-in, sound check, and the night of performance.

Can I just book a ceremony at the Cooperage?

Unfortunately, no. We offer ceremonies only for people who book their reception at the Cooperage.

Is there a fee for bringing in dessert or ordering late night food?

No. You are allowed to bring in an external baker for your dessert or order late night food for no fee. We do charge a cake cutting and plating fee of $1.50 per person.

Can we and our guests go to Boone & Crockett after the wedding ends?

Of course! Our sister bar, Boone & Crockett, located right next door, is open till bar close (2 am) and is perfect for those who want to continue the party. Taco Moto food truck is also open until 11 pm on weekends for people needing some late night food.

What are your decor restrictions?

We do not allow nails in our walls, helium balloons (high ceilings), or excess glitter. We DO allow open flames.

Can we pick up items the following day after the wedding?

Unfortunately, no. All decor, flowers, gifts, etc. need to be taken away that evening after the wedding.

Can I incorporate my dog into the ceremony?

Yes please! Your dog does need to be well behaved, on a leash at all times, and picked up after.

Do you have a bridal suite?

While we do not have a bridal suite that is included in the venue rental, we do have a beautiful Airbnb, the Castor House, located right on premise, above Boone & Crockett. The price ranges from $200-$350 a night, sleeps up to 8, full kitchen, full bathroom, and is perfect for bridesmaids to get ready in. I reserve it for most couples that book with the Cooperage.  You can see details here: https://airbnb.com/h/thecastorhousemke.

Do you have preferred vendors?

Cooperage Catering is our only “preferred” vendor for appetizers and dinner service. We have a ton of vendors that we love to work with and can recommend.

Does the Cooperage have a day-of wedding planner?

The Cooperage will have an on-site venue coordinator on the day of the wedding. This person is not a wedding planner and will not wrangle wedding party for pictures or plan your other vendors for you. The Cooperage Coordinator is strictly there for anything related to the venue – food, drinks, sound system, floor plan, etc. We definitely recommend having a day of wedding planner to help and know some lovely people!